Gea Stibbe, Esq.

Gea Stibbe’s extensive background in business and law has made her one of the Netherlands’ most respected equine lawyers.  Her broad experience and knowledge of the equestrian industry and veterinary field, plus her dedication to her clients, has made her the lawyer of choice for a wide range of equestrian and related companies in the Netherlands, throughout Europe and worldwide.  Her diverse skills meet the challenges facing the industry, with trial and resolution experience in contracts, negligence, liability, negligence, and veterinary malpractice.

The Law Firm of Gea Stibbe also specializes in labor and businesslaw, contracts, sport, general liability, intellectual property and Enterprise Act.

Whether it is a small case involving local activities, or a major national case, Gea Stibbe works on all with the same intensity for client success.

Gea Stibbe is legal advisor to Excellent Dressage Sales, The Department of Horses, Dutch Sport Horse Traders Association (VSN), and the Limburg Department Agriculture and Horticulture.